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PHG Blossom B83 x HF Alcatraz 60F - Exportable

Mating Sire - HF Alcatraz 60F - AMAN19283566 - Fullblood Angus

Mating Dam - PHG Blossom B83 - AMGV1278338 - Black, Homo Polled, 99.9% Purebred

PHG Blossom B83 is a female who has excelled in our program over the last 8 years, landing 3 sons in seedstock herds, and her only daughter was a sale topper at the Canadian National Sale held at Agribition. Blossom is the definition of outcross genetics, yet has EPDs in the top 30% for performance traits, and top 25% or better for her carcass traits – including a .51 marbling EPD which is in the top 1% of the breed. Her latest son, PHG Harlem H107, headlined our December sale and commanded a final bid of $13,250 - further cementing her status as a cornerstone of our program.

Exportable to Canada

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