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MCFG 153R x DCSF Post Rock Granite 200P2 Embryos

Mating Sire - DCSF Post Rock Granite 200P2 - AMGV930426 - Homo Black, Homo Polled, 99.9% Purebred

Mating Dam - MCFG 153R - AMGV940704 - Black, 99.9% Purebred

MCFG 153R is the most prolific embryo producer to ever walk the pastures at PHG. She is the reason we got started with flushing via IVF, as she would routinely product 30-40 embryos per flush. She has left a tremendous influence on our program, including 3 bull futurity nominees, and a national sale heifer. Very maternal in design, she is a bull multiplier - enhancing the traits of whatever she is bred to. 


IVF Embryos - Not available for international export. 

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