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PHG Hamilton H10 - US Qualified Semen

AMGV1481781 - Red, Homo Polled, 88.1% Purebred


Hamilton was the high selling bull in our 2021 sale for $31,500 to a group of progressive breeders from across North America. His combination of eye appeal, depth of body, and calving ease makes him a can't miss for many breeding programs. His first calves averaged 78 pounds across the country, and were all born unassisted. His first daughters headlined our 2022 female sale and averaged $4,000.

Hamilton's dam has cemented herself as one of our leading red donor females. Averaging $13,800 on her first three calves, she has now clicked with 3 different sires. Her first ET calves should hit the ground in the spring of 2023. 

A truly great option whether you're looking for calving ease, or for an outcross red sire. We lost Hamilton in the summer of 2022 to an injury, so quantities are limited!

Semen ships from Origen, Billings, MT

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