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VVGR Elegance 716T x DVE Davidson Payday 59W Embryos

Mating Sire - DVE Davidson Payday 59W - AMGV1137057 - Black, Hetero Polled, 86.719% Purebred

Mating Dam - VVGR Elegance 716T - AMGV1043465 - Black, Hetero Polled, 84.375% Purebred

716T is a female who has had a big an impact on our program as any that have walked our pastures. 26 recorded calves in her lifespan, and nursed her final calf until she died at 15 years old in 2021. She has the distinction of having every one of her natural calves join the show string, including her final heifer calf. A female that puts a great maternal look to her daughters, while adding rib and dimension to her sons, regardless of the mating.


Pictured is PHG Paycheck C24, a son of DVE Davidson Payday 59W that was retained by PHG for herd use. 

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